Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to make a Zombie Teeth Paracord Bracelet

Newest video for all you paracorders and zombie affectionado's out there. Hope you enjoy. ct

Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm Alive!!

I still don't know how to manage my time and effectively write a blog, but I am alive! lol. On a more serious note I have a brand new camera and quite a few video ideas that are in the works, they may or may not be related to paracording, but hopefully you will find the useful and educational. Additionally, something that has come up and I will be potentially writing a daily-weekly blog post that you will want to stay tuned for! I am looking forward to it and hopefully you will too. ct

Sunday, April 28, 2013

How not to write a blog or a webpage!

So the hardest thing for me to do is too actually sit down and add content to this site. I don't want to ramble on about nothing, I want to add content that you will find entertaining and enjoyable. I have been wanting to make some new videos but that don't happen. I think of topics to write about that relate to current events and next thing you know, three weeks later, its no longer current ... I say the websites name in all my videos, then you come here and there is nothing here to see.

I guess I need to just start posting pictures of my food! Just kidding :) No, thats it! I will just start posting pictures of random funny stuff, cats and my food. This site will be a smash hit, lol, again just kidding.

I will get better though, I'm drinking milk, you'll see.

And (drum roll) to start off on the right foot ...

Some mesquite smoked pork baby back and beef spare ribs that I recently did! LOL ;P

Don't forget about me. ct

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What's in a Name? and Let the Chaos Begin

"Why is this site called "Chaotic Thinking"? Chaos is bad and I might need to stay away from this site."

I have chosen the name Chaotic Thinking because honestly, Random Thoughts and Random Thinking dot com were already taken. That is the only reason, and I wanted to lend to the fact that I am going to bounce all around on different topics and different directions on what ever floats my boat and where ever the wind takes me. (Hmmm, two nautical themes in one there ...)  Chaos is not a bad thing thus the definition for chaotic in my header.

On my first rendition of this website before I switched over to Blogger, (before I knew the type of site I wanted was a blog) I had a slogan that stated "A journey to the center of one man's mind, and some might not make it back out". I thought it sounded cool, now I am using "Where you never know what you'll get" to denote the random potential nature of this site combined with my YouTube channel.

So far I have mainly been focused on making things with paracord. I will continue to make video's and be active with the paracord hobby and video wise, but I am ready to start making some different types of videos as well. If you came for the paracord I hope you stay for the rest or at least bare with me, some videos may not be of any interest to you, but it is just going to be the nature of this site. Any time I find a topic that has not been covered on YouTube, not covered sufficiently or that I may have different insight on that's where I'll be. Its about ready to get crazy up in here, Ok, maybe not so much, but the Chaotic part is slowly coming into effect, I am excited, are you? ct

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day in America! (and the disappointment that follows)

So its finally here, after months of political ads, debates and speeches; Election Day. Needless to say I am highly disappointed, not by who won as you might be thinking; neither candidate for the two main parties adequately represented me and I wasn't particularly happy with either choice mind you. But for the fact that I was not able to Vote! I showed up at the polls, they scanned my I.D. and said I was not in the system. The polling official pulled out the hard copy of registered voters and we looked through for my name and neither my wife or I was listed. Which is odd because both my wife and I "knew" we were registered.

We have been at our current residence for a little over two years; meaning we changed our address on our licenses at the DMV where we obtained our voter registration card and submitted them. The polling official asked how long it has been since we voted and that we may have been purged from the system. Which is total horse malarkey!! I'm sorry once you register to vote at a location, you should be considered registered as long as you maintain that address and unless a change of address occurs the only thing that should remove you from the system is if you get flagged as "DEAD".

I know I was not alone in being turned away from the polls, I had stopped at a different polling location that was closer to my work and stood in line for a bit until I realized I was not in my district and decided to drive to the one near my house. But while I was standing in line I witnessed atleast five other people get turned away in a matter of minutes.

The political parties all claim that your vote matters, but unless the way registration occurs is overhauled, I don't really think that it does.  And on that note the electoral college needs to be done away with too and stick with a majority vote so that our individual vote does actually matter and not just in swing states!

Side Note: I do also believe that everyone should have an I.D. card to vote too, states should issue I.D. cards for no charge as a matter of principal anyway; everyone having an I.D. to vote just makes good sense and prevents voter fraud. (Imagine showing up to vote and them telling you that you had already voted!)

Well not much more I can do now, I guess I will wait four more years and hope that America is ready for a President that is a leader and not a politician (Steve from Chaotic Thinking for President 2016!!).  ct

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Still Here ...

I apologize for the lack of post and video's. Life got the better of me. I have been working on a video of my paracord jig in response to the numerous questions about it. I was also going to put some tips and tricks that I have learned in the video, but I wasn't even half way done and it was at 19 minutes ... So I had to trim some fat off of it. More than likely I will have a basic video about my jig out in a week and then I will make a second video with the tips and tricks in it. I also have one or two bracelet designs that aren't currently on YouTube that I want to make a video about.

Some where along the line I will mix things up with some different types on videos, after all this is Chaotic Thinking ... oh look a chicken ... lol. So the only thing I can say is "coming soon". ct

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dual Movie Review - Marvel's The Avengers and Battleship

Within the past two weeks my wife and I have saw Marvel's The Avengers and Battleship in the theater. Just quick little review of both.
The Avengers ... is freaking awesome! I did not expect it to be that good. You know when movie is good, when everyone claps at the end, that it is the sign of a truly good movie. Again, very good movie, they did a good job giving all the heroes their face time. My favorite from past movies is Iron Man, and he did not disappoint in this movie. But I think the mac daddy in this movie is the Hulk ... ah, let me correct that ... is "The Incredible Hulk" because he was that awesome. For the female perspective, my wife really liked it too. This is a definite watch in the theater, and a buy on disk when it comes out.

I made the mistake of seeing Battleship before The Avengers, having heard nothing bad about the Avengers and having two many expectations for Battleship, I was personally disappointed because at the time I felt that Avengers was probably a better movie and should have watched that instead. These are two different movies and I am not comparing them, I am just enlightening you to my mindset as I watched them both and you can make your own conclusions.

File:Battleship Poster.jpg Battleship, I have been waiting and excited to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer a few months ago. That being said it ended up being a little bit different than I was expecting; it was still a good movie and is a helluva feel good movie, you will smile to yourself, your heart will swell up, and if you have every served in the military or been close to someone that has you may even get goose bumps. It is based off the game Battleship, and as hard as it may be for you to wrap your head around, they actually did a good job portraying it and not making it too cheesy. Good special effects and overall a well done movie. If you have already seen The Avengers, then check it out in the theaters, if not I would say a good buy movie/great rental, myself I will be buying it on Blu-ray when it comes out. Female perspective, my wife thought it was "just" alright, her feelings were not anywhere near close to mine

If I can only see one? If you can only see one in the theaters, see The Avengers, but definitely don't forget to check out Battleship on disk when it comes out, if was still a good movie, but for the time being if you are going to watch one in the theater, watch Avengers. ct