Thursday, July 14, 2011

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent Until Proven Guilty, seems like this is a phrase that might need to be revisited in light of the current Casey Anthony murder trial. If you are not familiar with the trial, (because you were living under a rock), Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee, then disposing of her body in the woods.

(Spoiler Alert), she was then found innocent of the charges of first degree murder and other felony charges. This for some reason has America in an uproar, resulting in not only Casey Anthony receiving death threats and harassment but also her parents who testified on her behalf and the jury that found her "not guilty".

The jury! These people were doing their civic duty, and had their lives disrupted for the entire 6 week trail. Not one other person was given the burden of responsibility, or heard every portion of the case and had to make the decision that they were forced to make. Yet, millions of people are angry and outraged; some who would take it so far as to blame, threaten, and possibly hurt the people that were appointed for no other reason other than a computer sent them a jury summons, and they actually showed up.

Honesty, I do not care one little bit whether she did it or not, or is innocent or guilty. This case has no effect on my life, my existence as a person or my happiness. And, unless you actually knew Caylee, it shouldn't have any affect on you other than being an intriguing current event. If you are angry and judgmental about this case, and you consider yourself a religious person (any religion), you need to contemplate your faith, except the fact that your god will judge her if she did it and let it go.

If the evidence in this case was proof positive that she did it, then she would have been found guilty. It did not and we all have the benefit of the presumption of innocence, that is our right, that is her right, and you have No right to take that from her. If you were on trial for a crime you would have that right, so do not try to take it from her. Innocent until proven guilty ... proven guilty. ct