Friday, July 15, 2011

Is Google Plus the Death of Facebook?

Does Google's new social network called Google Plus spell the end for Facebook? Is Facebook on its last leg much as MySpace is, which recently sold for $35 million. $35 million? Well that is a good chunk of change you might say, but not when you consider that MySpace sold for $580 million in 2005. I guess everyone knows these social media sites loose value as soon as you drive them off the lot.

As far as Google Plus putting Facebook to rest, I do not personally think so, but it will more than likely give it a good run for the money.

I have not had the pleasure of testing out Google Plus yet, it is still in its testing phase with a limited number of test participants. But as soon as it goes live, I imagine a good influx of eager people will join, thought they will not give up on their Facebook just yet. Since majority of Facebook users already have nice sized friend list and understand the ins and out of the website it will be hard to let go of.

Google Plus will be the shiny new website on the block sporting some very nice and useful additions. Such additions such as Circles, Sparks, and Hangouts. Circles being a feature when you add a friend you drop them in a particular Circle, such as Family, Friends, Co-workers and more. Then you have the option of allowing only certain Circles to view certain post and photos. For example my co-workers do not necessarily need to see my family vacation photos but I want my family and friends to see them so I tag them for my family and friends circles, or vice verse I want to post to my co-workers but it does not concern my family and friends so I only allow my co-workers circle to see it. Other features such as Sparks allow me to gather information about topics I am interested in and then at my leisure I can view them. Or Hangouts allow me to make a virtual room where I can invite other friends or groups of friends to come in an share videos or chat live in real time with me.

The features of Google Plus will make for a new way to spend out social networking time, they may not replace Facebook for all of us, but some will change and never look back. As well time may tell as Facebook could develop their own similar features.

To view Google Plus's Demo site click the icon. ct