Thursday, July 14, 2011

Political Parties Gone Bad

The issue I find most disturbing, in regards to political parties, is that neither of the main parties are truly representing me. This is a crime against the system. The politicians that I vote for are not "representing" me. How can they? They have not asking me or anyone else in their district or state of how we want them to vote on the legislation they are imposing on us. They were elected to be our voice in Washington, not their own voice, not their political parties voice, OUR voice; mine and yours!

The system has failed us as a nation, we are forced to pick a side, Republican or Democrat, and then sit idly aside as they vote how they see fit. Sure, we can vote for an independent candidate, or we can write them till until we run our of paper. But what good does that do? The independents don't win, and who is to say they are heeding or even reading our correspondence.

When we watch news coverage of congressional sessions, we should not be seeing how many of each political party voted for or against a topic. Those individual congressmen should not be standing up in front of each other trying to persuade the entire group one way or the other, they should not even confer with each other on the topics at hand, they should be conferring with their constitutes (You and Me), about how we want them to vote.

Just for an example, I will list some of the big ticket topics that I can think of off the top of my head and how I feel about them. After looking at my views how do you think I should vote, Democrat or Republican?

Pro-Gay Rights and Marriage
Pro-Stem Cell Research
Anti Taxes
Anti Gun Control
Pro-States Rights
Pro-Death Penalty
Pro-Immigration Reform
Pro-Environment (but I do NOT believe in global warming)
Pro-Legalized Marijuana (I personally don't use it, but believe it should be controlled and strictly sold by the government to bring a revenue into the government so they can lower our taxes, but that is a topic for another day)

Now, after seeing what I am for and against, you can see that I do not fit into one particular party profile, yet I am forced to choose my most important topics and then vote for the party that supports my view point in that area. Even though more or my topics are supported by the other party. These political parties that we have in place are not One Size Fits All.

This is not right, it is an injustice to us all and needs to be rectified. Abolishing the party system would be a good start, let the politicians focus on what we, their constitutes want, not the party.  ct