Thursday, July 28, 2011

Political Stalemate Over the Nations Debt Limit

As the deadline for the Nation to run out of money looms on August 2, our so called politicians in Washington are at a stalemate. President Obama vs. the Republicans, seem to be at a standoff on who will give in first. While the citizens of the U.S. and the rest of the world are sitting here twirling our thumbs getting more anxious by the minute.

At times I get the feeling that these people, our elected politicians, do not care if they drive the country into the ground or not. On the other hand I have no doubt my mind that they truly care about the fate of the nation and the implications that their decisions will have on us. But they need to stop caring which political party wins, come to a compromise and do what is best so that the United States as a whole, wins.

President Obama addressed the nation on Monday, July 25th; after watching it, I was in total agreement with the comments he made. Shaking my head to myself and thinking, that is how we need to proceed, even though it did seem to be a "blame the Republicans" speech. He even told Americans to call their representatives and voice their opinions to them. I will definitely agree that President Obama is a great public speaker. After the presidential address, Speaker of the House John Boehner made his rebuttal on behalf of the Republicans. He made a valiant counter argument and after his speech I was in agreement with him as well; but was not in total agreement with either ones views on how we should proceed forward as a nation. Someone made an impression, later that night CNN was reporting that the congressional website was crashing/bogging down from all the visitors to the site.

There are numerous, so called "experts" claiming that Obama's plan will not succeed and others claiming that the Republicans plan will not succeed. Based on the what was said during the speeches made, and taking into account what these so called experts are saying, I am under the strong belief that the only plan that will work is a mix of both. Both plans have valid points and both plans should be able to be brought together in a compromise between the two. Would both parties be able to work it out before the deadline on August 2nd? For our sake, lets hope so.

Another vote on the proposed bills is scheduled for Thursday, July 28. Lets hope they get it right.