Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Chaotic Thinking!!

Its been two years since was registered, and about 10 overall post!! ..... Um, yeah .... Trying to finish my degree and working full time, I find it hard to actually get anything done; I don't know how people with multiple children juggle work, school and take care of their family but you get mad respect from me and you should be labeled as Heroes. Now combining all that with the fact that it is quite hard to actually be Chaotic (random), and I don't want to always be covering current events and politics, I do not want to be on a soap box. Unless it is a case of Irish Spring ... always loved the smell.

That being said ... I will be focusing on my current interests or hobbies, posting about and making videos about those interest. This site will not be solely focused on those topics, it is Chaotic Thinking by the way ... but I will be posting about those interests until I find something different to bring to the world and talk about or my hobbies change. I am not going to worry if the site is not "Chaotic" enough, I am just going to do it.

Coming Up:
-Will be posting first YouTube video (ever).
-Still focusing on disaster preparedness and 72 hour kit videos.
-Various posts about: Making things with and out of 550 Paracord (my current Hobby).