Thursday, May 10, 2012

Paracord Adventures - Bracelets

 A good and functional item, the paracord bracelet aka survival bracelet, not a survival kit in itself but a good addition to a survival kit. By always wearing some type of bracelet you will have any where from 5 - 25 feet of spare cordage on you depending on the bracelet type.

So far I have made 26 different bracelet styles, these are all just practice ones and just for fun. Now though, I am kind of obsessed to try and see how many different types I can actually make.

Bracelet Photo
All can be made through mainly YouTube video instructions. I have adapted almost all to use a buckle. I will be using the name that was on the video where I got the instructions from (so you can find it easier if you so desire), the names may or may not be correct. If I can remember who created the video I will add that as well.

Starting at top left to right:
  1. Cobra Stitch/Solomon Bar
  2. Piranha/Shark Jaw Bone (Tying It All Together - TIAT)
  3. "In and Out" type weave (Instructables)
  4. Blaze Bar (TIAT)
  5. Cobbled Solomon Bar (TIAT)
  6. Dragon's Tongue
  7. Ladder Strap (TIAT)
  8. Stitched Solomon Bar (TIAT)
  9. Backbone Bar (TIAT)
  10. Tire Tread Bar (TIAT)
  11. Candy Stripe Bar (TIAT)
  12. Bonobo Bar (TIAT)
  13. T-Virus Sinnet (TIAT)
  14. King Cobra
  15. Millipede (Appears to be a two half hitch variant)
  16. Caterpillar Footed Solomon Bar (TIAT)
  17. Bush Bar (TIAT)
  18. Crooked River Bar (TIAT)
  19. Wide Solomon Bar (TIAT)
  20. Solomon's Heart/Locked In Love (video by Chaotic Thinking)
  21. Thatched Solomon Bar (TIAT)
  22. Morse Code Bar (Created by JasonTX from Fusion Knots forums)
  23. Spiral Banded Solomon Bar (TIAT)
  24. KBK Bar (TIAT)
  25. Snake Knot Bracelet (TIAT)
  26. Curling Millipede Bracelet (TIAT)
Needless to say JD of Tying It All Together is a beast and his site Fusion Knots is a must for anyone interested in tying.When I get to 30 bracelet types I will post a new picture.

Look forward to an instructional video soon on how to make number 22 the Morse Code Bar as well as a new "Paracord Adventures - Key Chains" edition. ct.

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