Sunday, October 7, 2012

Still Here ...

I apologize for the lack of post and video's. Life got the better of me. I have been working on a video of my paracord jig in response to the numerous questions about it. I was also going to put some tips and tricks that I have learned in the video, but I wasn't even half way done and it was at 19 minutes ... So I had to trim some fat off of it. More than likely I will have a basic video about my jig out in a week and then I will make a second video with the tips and tricks in it. I also have one or two bracelet designs that aren't currently on YouTube that I want to make a video about.

Some where along the line I will mix things up with some different types on videos, after all this is Chaotic Thinking ... oh look a chicken ... lol. So the only thing I can say is "coming soon". ct