Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day in America! (and the disappointment that follows)

So its finally here, after months of political ads, debates and speeches; Election Day. Needless to say I am highly disappointed, not by who won as you might be thinking; neither candidate for the two main parties adequately represented me and I wasn't particularly happy with either choice mind you. But for the fact that I was not able to Vote! I showed up at the polls, they scanned my I.D. and said I was not in the system. The polling official pulled out the hard copy of registered voters and we looked through for my name and neither my wife or I was listed. Which is odd because both my wife and I "knew" we were registered.

We have been at our current residence for a little over two years; meaning we changed our address on our licenses at the DMV where we obtained our voter registration card and submitted them. The polling official asked how long it has been since we voted and that we may have been purged from the system. Which is total horse malarkey!! I'm sorry once you register to vote at a location, you should be considered registered as long as you maintain that address and unless a change of address occurs the only thing that should remove you from the system is if you get flagged as "DEAD".

I know I was not alone in being turned away from the polls, I had stopped at a different polling location that was closer to my work and stood in line for a bit until I realized I was not in my district and decided to drive to the one near my house. But while I was standing in line I witnessed atleast five other people get turned away in a matter of minutes.

The political parties all claim that your vote matters, but unless the way registration occurs is overhauled, I don't really think that it does.  And on that note the electoral college needs to be done away with too and stick with a majority vote so that our individual vote does actually matter and not just in swing states!

Side Note: I do also believe that everyone should have an I.D. card to vote too, states should issue I.D. cards for no charge as a matter of principal anyway; everyone having an I.D. to vote just makes good sense and prevents voter fraud. (Imagine showing up to vote and them telling you that you had already voted!)

Well not much more I can do now, I guess I will wait four more years and hope that America is ready for a President that is a leader and not a politician (Steve from Chaotic Thinking for President 2016!!).  ct