Sunday, November 11, 2012

What's in a Name? and Let the Chaos Begin

"Why is this site called "Chaotic Thinking"? Chaos is bad and I might need to stay away from this site."

I have chosen the name Chaotic Thinking because honestly, Random Thoughts and Random Thinking dot com were already taken. That is the only reason, and I wanted to lend to the fact that I am going to bounce all around on different topics and different directions on what ever floats my boat and where ever the wind takes me. (Hmmm, two nautical themes in one there ...)  Chaos is not a bad thing thus the definition for chaotic in my header.

On my first rendition of this website before I switched over to Blogger, (before I knew the type of site I wanted was a blog) I had a slogan that stated "A journey to the center of one man's mind, and some might not make it back out". I thought it sounded cool, now I am using "Where you never know what you'll get" to denote the random potential nature of this site combined with my YouTube channel.

So far I have mainly been focused on making things with paracord. I will continue to make video's and be active with the paracord hobby and video wise, but I am ready to start making some different types of videos as well. If you came for the paracord I hope you stay for the rest or at least bare with me, some videos may not be of any interest to you, but it is just going to be the nature of this site. Any time I find a topic that has not been covered on YouTube, not covered sufficiently or that I may have different insight on that's where I'll be. Its about ready to get crazy up in here, Ok, maybe not so much, but the Chaotic part is slowly coming into effect, I am excited, are you? ct