Sunday, April 28, 2013

How not to write a blog or a webpage!

So the hardest thing for me to do is too actually sit down and add content to this site. I don't want to ramble on about nothing, I want to add content that you will find entertaining and enjoyable. I have been wanting to make some new videos but that don't happen. I think of topics to write about that relate to current events and next thing you know, three weeks later, its no longer current ... I say the websites name in all my videos, then you come here and there is nothing here to see.

I guess I need to just start posting pictures of my food! Just kidding :) No, thats it! I will just start posting pictures of random funny stuff, cats and my food. This site will be a smash hit, lol, again just kidding.

I will get better though, I'm drinking milk, you'll see.

And (drum roll) to start off on the right foot ...

Some mesquite smoked pork baby back and beef spare ribs that I recently did! LOL ;P

Don't forget about me. ct