Disaster Preparation FAQ's

Disaster preparation or readiness seems like it is becoming more important everyday. Quite frequently we have seen such headlines as:
  • Earthquake and Tsunami's
  • Tornado's
  • Flooding
  • Wildfire's
With hurricane season around the corner it is never to early to be prepared. Until such time as I am able to enlighten you with my thoughts on the subject please visit the Ready America website and at least consider making a 72 hour kit for you and your family.

Q: What additions will come to this website on the topic of Disaster Preparation?

A: Currently I have 3 Youtube videos planned, based on a "Basic Survival on a Budget" series.
  1. Do I need a 72 hour kit? and Why?
  2. Basic 72 Hour kit on a Budget for Beginners.
  3. Basic 72 Hour kit on a Budget for Beginners - Advanced Items.
     The main Disaster Preparation page will have summarized items from the videos as well as useful links for
     a variety of preparedness information

Q: Why am I grouping a "non-sense" topic like a Zombie Apocalypse with such an important topic as disaster preparation?

A: Zombie apocalypse could be considered one of the worse disasters to befall humanity, that being said if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse you are prepared for anything. The topic of zombie apocalypse just takes a straight forward and possibly dull topic and adds a little humor and twist to it.